April 24, 2023

Are you afraid of the WEF?

We expose the elite Davos networking event

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The World Economic Forum, an exclusive event in Davos, founded by Klaus Schwab. To some simple a gathering or annoying self important 'leaders', to others a sinister global conspiracy to control us all with vaccines.


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Are you afraid of the WEF?

00:00 SPEAKER_03 Just bite him down, baby. Capital export value. Library.

00:08 JESSE Minister, are you embarrassed by your behavior today? There's a lot of bleeding hearts around.

00:15 SPEAKER_03 Do you have the fortitude or they're going to ask you to stand up and come across? Do you ever say that to me, you son of a dick? Just watch me. He certainly went too far, Mr. Speaker, when I saw him stick his tongue out. Contemptuous.

00:29 JESSE Disregard. More than a slab of bacon pocket hair. The disappointment you also feel is my responsibility. I lost my temper. What is the nature of your thoughts? The word was F-A-R-T. Do you want to do the intro? I am a special boy in a special world. Look at how special I was, boy. Here is I am a special boy in a special world. I want to feel special all the time. Come see the special boy, special, special, special boy. Come see the special boy, throw a pie at him. I am a special boy. Look how special I am. I am a special boy.

01:19 RHYS Special boy. Let's end it now. Anyway. What? Let's end it now. That was good. That was nice. Are you happy now? I am a happy special boy.

01:30 JESSE He is happy, he is special.

01:32 RHYS All of those things combined. I can have a drink of water a minute. Welcome to Canadian politics is boring. That wasn't a normal introduction. We will sing it every episode from here on. Jesse just wanted to feel special for a bit. Special boy. I am Rhys Waters and with me is the special boy. I am Rhys Waters. I am the special boy. I am the special boy. I am the special boy. I am the special boy. I am the special boy. I am the special boy. I am the special boy.

02:03 JESSE The special boy. You have used that word. This is so funny.

02:08 RHYS When you realize you have tried. Good luck.

02:12 JESSE Slippery when wet reese water. Before we go on to our main topic. I don't know anything about it as per usual. I get a lot of flack for it.

02:23 RHYS Your job is to be both vacant and empty. Your job is to be both vacant and empty.

02:27 JESSE Two things that come quite natural to me. Small talk to mention. Any news? No. Nothing exciting. I am playing the long dark. I haven't been playing video games for a very long time. The long dark. I just decided I thought I would get back into it. I just decided I thought I would get back into it. The long dark is a survival video game based in a winter The long dark is a survival video game based in a winter game based in a winter apocalyptical setting. Apocalyptical setting. Where all power has gone out. Infrequent bouts. It is like a survival game. You have to hunt for food. You have to chop firewood. To make fires. To keep warm. You have to sew your clothes. You have to sew your clothes. To make sure your warmth rating goes up. You have to do all the things that happen. You will die from dehydration if you don't guzzle 2-4 liters of water every single night. Just before you go to bed. If you don't guzzle 2 liters of water you will wake up in the middle of the night and your character will be like God! Those miners who drank their own pee don't sound so crazy right now. He is the weakest man on the face of the planet.

03:40 RHYS It is also quite dull. Because no one remembers to stay hydrated in real life. Because it is boring. Don't forget to drink that tasteless clear liquid. It is good for your health. And then to make you pay to buy a video game where you then end up having to stay hydrated. It is a fun game. I bet some people play that game for so long they end up dehydrated. That is probably, yeah.

04:02 JESSE I like that. That is nothing new. I am just playing a video game. That is about it.

04:10 RHYS Just trying to stay sane. Play a game about a horrible future.

04:14 JESSE How is your bear situation going?

04:16 RHYS They came back here last night. They come back all the time. If you were told Reese of the past, say Reese 6 years ago, hey, do you know what? I like having your dog Rosie in the studio with us.

04:28 JESSE She is leaning in for a fuss. She likes being cuddled and scratched into the chin. She is a giant suck. She just looks at me with her big brown eyes. She is a golden retriever? Massive for what? Is she two years old now?

04:44 RHYS She is a small one. I was talking about bears. If you spoke to Reese of the past in Wales, where the most exciting thing you ever saw was a dead badger, in 6 years time, bears will visit your home every night. A group of bears. They are quite large ones as well. For a black bear apparently. You have to get cameras and start shooting this stuff. You will not be mesmerized by the majesty of the bear. You will be pissed off. And wish them dead. Because they just make such a mess every night. Canada has ruined the majesty of nature for me. You started tying down your bins. I did. I need to start tying down the bears instead.

05:24 JESSE They just got through it? I use ratchet straps. Rosie is no use. She sleeps through it all.

05:32 RHYS I am a big fan of her. I am a big fan of her. I am a big fan of her. I am a big fan of her.

05:40 JESSE I am a big fan of her. I am a big fan of her. I am a big fan of her.

05:46 RHYS I am a big fan of her. Rosie is no use. She eats stuff. She eats and poops. And the worst thing is she goes crazy. She steals the garbage. She runs into the forest and eats garbage. And then comes back when she is tired. That is fucking funny.

06:04 JESSE I am just there and going, Rosie, where are you? I just said Rosie, where are you? And she looked up at you like you are an idiot.

06:10 RHYS I am right here. He has lost his mind again. So I want to get on to the topic. Hold on, I want to know what you are going to do with this bear situation. What can I do? If any of our listeners live in a high-powered area, have a high-powered rifle and a whole evening to kill, want to take out some bears from me, please do.

06:30 JESSE You can have the fur, you can eat them. I don't care. So what is the problem? The problem is that they are coming under your property.

06:34 RHYS The problem is that they are making a mess. The problem is that even in the day, someone saw them mid-afternoon out. There are kids out playing. And they have got way too familiar with it. It is not their fault. I get it. There is a ton of construction going on. Their habitat has changed. It is not their fault. But the sad part is now they have to die. They are worried there is a matter of time before there is some kind of incident. For example, a neighbor's dog got attacked by a bobcat last week. That is amazing. Stuff happens with wildlife there all the time. People's cats, they find their cat collars in the eagle's nests.

07:12 JESSE I mean, all I was going to say is that I don't have an answer for you but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. We are in Canada and people deal with bears all the time. You would be right just to look this up a little bit. I am fairly certain it is not like, well, you live with bears now. There is nothing you can do. Absolutely.

07:28 RHYS I have been dealing with bears for hundreds of years. The government will come and just shoot them. They say they relocate them but all they do is relocate their corpse.

07:38 JESSE So you want to find a humane way of dealing with these bears? I don't. I mean, what do you do with them? Send us a SpeakPipe, dear listener.

07:46 RHYS SpeakPipe.com slash Canadian politics. I wish they were on the bears.

07:50 JESSE I know I was joking about shooting them. Find a solution for Reece. Send us a voicemail. Let us know. Or an email.

07:54 RHYS I could poison my own garbage and kill them. That's horrible. Anyway, I'll just put laxative in there.

08:02 JESSE They won't come back then. Oh my God. No, they'll come back. They just won't be understanding why they're shitting all the time. If you have seen bears… You'll have teared open bins and garbage everywhere along with bear diarrhea all over the place. Bear-a-rea. Bear-a-rea.

08:18 RHYS Here's your next movie. Sounds like an Italian car. The old name, Fiat Bear-a-rea. Anyway, do you want to learn about the topic? Fucking sure. So the episode is called, Are You A Way… I can't even speak. I've got bears on the brain. Are you afraid of the WEF? The W-E-F? The World Economic Forum. Are you afraid of the World Economic Forum? I feel like I should be? Most people don't give a shit about who they are. Some people think… I feel like you've taught me about them before, actually. So, this is a… This is a tweet. I'm going to read a tweet to you. So this is a tweet saying, Hashtag WEF. Hashtag Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab and your elite globalists are looking to turn the world into one future world government. Running them as a worker farm. You are pushing for… No, you are pushing y'all for… Micro implants. To fulfill consumption. Food resource rationing. Universal basic income. And to normalize. Cloning. Destroy the family. End single family homes. Mass infertility. Government raised children. Synthetic meat and bugs. Artificial wombs. One world new age religion. End commercial air travel. Legalize pedophilia. Sexualize children. End private farming. End government. End private property. Digital world currency. Vaccine… mandatory vaccines. All this kind of stuff. So basically… Who said this? This is just the conspiracy theory world. This is just one tweet. This is a snap.

10:03 JESSE Not by them, but to them. To them, basically. So… I want to go back to the whole, like… There was a long fucking list of things that they are blaming the WEF for? Yes. And saying that they are going to do.

10:17 RHYS Because there was a number of things in there that they were like… I mean, there's some stuff where you've got mandatory vaccination. Okay. Like, they were trying to encourage vaccination. In, you know… Who are these people? I don't even know who the WEF are. So I'm going to get to that now. But basically, there's this organization called the WEF. Founded by Klaus Schwab. And a lot of conspiracy theorists. A lot of the far right. It's this kind of new wave of some global conspiracy. A new world order that just wants to take over the world. Is Rosie Hattie there? Rosie's hassling me. She just snuggles all the time.

10:47 JESSE All the time. I just put my arm down and she noses up underneath my arm. And she puts her face to the wall. So the World Economic Forum…

10:57 RHYS Jessie… I just can't allow dogs in here. She's so cute, man. She does the thing where she just rests her head on you. Your leg and looks at you. Are you going to pat me now? What the fuck?

11:09 JESSE I'm going to pat you. I'm going to pat you. Are you going to pat me now? What the fuck?

11:15 RHYS Let's do it to you now. So a lot of people on the far right. And a lot of conspiracy minded people. Believe that the World Economic Forum is an organization that is trying to form a one world government. Destroy individual liberties. And just transform our lives to make them miserable. And to use us as worker bots. And to be fair, I know nothing about these people. They might be. I don't know. Exactly. But also, it's become so… It's always been in the realm of… You know Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist. He's in the realm of wacko conspiracy.

11:49 JESSE Yeah. He was on Joe Rogan. And Joe Rogan basically told him, we've picked apart all of your theories and you get about one out of every ten correct. I think that's pretty generous. Right. But still, the fact that he knows this. He's like, yeah, we're going to do this. He's like, yeah, well, at least. That was pretty good Alex Jones. I was kind of proud of myself there. I'd say you'll be in generous.

12:17 RHYS That was a good impression, but I don't think he's right that often.

12:19 SPEAKER_00 Hand me another cigar and some whiskey there. Do you know whiskey comes from slaves? Slaves of the Irish people. That's right, yeah.

12:29 RHYS You're just making slaves of the Irish people. Do you make that up? Yeah. Just like Alex Jones does. Everything. But what you've found now is all the conspiracy nuts on the far right are now, it's now bleeding into the Canadian Conservative Party.

12:46 JESSE So some conservative MPs have been accused of spreading like anti-World Economic Forum conspiracies. Can we go back and just tell me what the World Economic Forum is?

12:58 RHYS I'm going to get to it now. So Colin Carey, MP, basically said that he claimed that the World Economic Forum had penetrated more than half of Canada's cabinet of the Liberal Party. Rosie just usually seems so chilled. She just wants to play. And also, Poliev's joined in on it. Of course he has. He's basically banned his party from attending the World Economic Forum. And also tried to outmaneuver and outflank Maxime Bernier, who was obviously PPC. Maxime Bernier, who was a member of the Conservative Party, has been to the World Economic Forum. And Poliev was like, I'm like Maxime Bernier, I've never been to the Davos conference. I'm like Maxime Bernier, I've never been to the Davos conference that the World Economic Forum puts on. He'll have to explain why he went there and what he was doing there. And I did not go to that and I would not go to it, nor will any of my ministers. So he's trying to say, look, even Maxime Bernier is supposed to be more right than me. He went there, so he's part of this secret one-world government agenda is what he's alluding to. Which Maxime Bernier? The one from the PPC party. Yeah, which one? The real Maxime Bernier.

14:15 JESSE We did an episode a long time ago about… The fake Maxime Bernier. There's a fake Maxime Bernier with the exact same legal name as him running alongside of him.

14:27 RHYS It's very funny. The capitalist party. So it started as a conspiracy thing. It's bled into mainstream conservative politics in Canada and the leader is now saying it. So the World Economic Forum was founded by a German engineer called Klaus Schwab in 1971. And the idea is, this is the mission, engage the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Okay. I mean that just sounds like corporate speak to me. It does. It does. And it is very, very, very corporate. And after the pandemic they came up with a theme called the Great Reset. And the idea is that after the… Rosie, sorry. This episode's just been disturbed by a dog. So after the pandemic it was an opportunity for a great reset to address the burning issues facing the world. Okay. Because everything had changed. And that led to the Great Reset. People thinking they want to reset the whole world to build this one world government and this nefarious kind of agenda and all this kind of stuff. So the idea is that the Great Reset is the global elite's plan to, this is the belief, to instate a communist world order by abolishing private property while using COVID-19 to solve overpopulation and enslave in what remains of humanity with vaccines.

16:15 JESSE Un-fucking-believable. Amazing. It's truly amazing, honestly. And you'll see people talking about… If you Google… I still don't know anything about the WEF. I just told you about it. No, you told me their front page corporate sort of slogan, whatever it's called. Not a slogan. What's it called?

16:34 RHYS I'll find some pictures now. What do they do? They have a big conference in Davos every year. And roughly 3,000 leaders from 130 countries, including heads of state, people from Nestle, all the oil companies would be there. All the real assholes. They all pack into this big… If you dropped a bomb on Davos, it would kind of cut the head off a lot of organizations and governments and stuff. So essentially it's a big overpriced conference in Switzerland. Everyone gets together, seminars, people talking about the issues and how corporate can work with government and all this kind of thing. It sounds really fucking boring. Not only does it sound boring, it sounds dangerous. You put in heads of state in rooms with heads of business. It's kind of like… And they don't always share everything that they talk about. Right. I don't know, man. Maybe they're not as innocent as we're trying to think they are. I think there's probably going to be a shit ton of nepotism. People in government looking… If I was Justin Trudeau and I was coming to the end of my tenure as Prime Minister of Canada, going to Davos is a great network. You obviously need to go, well, what am I going to do next? You go to Davos, you go have some meals. Hey, you know, the Shell Corporation, they said they'd always… Once you finish being Prime Minister and you've turned your back on politics, there's a seat for you in our boardroom. It just seems like the most… Lie down. Lie down. Lie down. Does she know lie down? She does, but she just won't do it for you because she has no respect for you. Lie down. Lie down. Lie down. Just ignore her. Just ignore her. She'll go away. The problem is you keep talking. Keep talking. I'm trying to teach you about the most pressing issue. But if you Google or search on any social media WEF, you will see tons of conspiracy posts. And I've got an account here from someone who went to one of the conferences. Do you know… Have you heard of the MP Michelle Rempel Garner? No. She is a conservative MP from Calgary. And back when the Conservative Party was not what it is now and to Poliev. Like Stephen Harper, all the conservatives typically would just go because that's what most people would do. People from all political parties would go. But she went and this is an article she wrote. The WEF portrays itself as a highly influential elite organization. In reality, it's an overpriced sales conference. In January 2016, I woke up with an email saying you've been selected as a young global leader. I thought it was spam, but opening it, I realized it was no joke. The YGL program is a big part of the broader WEF programming. So it's the most exclusive private network in the world is how they kind of picture. This is an overstatement, but members do include the likes of Sergey Brin. No, I do. That is Ivanka Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Amal Clooney, and many of the top up and coming political leaders in the G20 in Canada. Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau were also members of the young global leaders. OK, so the idea is, oh, there's a rising star in that country. Come to the kind of recruit from the young. Come and come and be part of this event. Right. Come and network and rub shoulders. If you if they called you up, they're like, Jesse, we think you're a future leader. How would you like a trip to Switzerland? All the big wigs will be there. All the big big wigs, the big cheeses, the big dicks that all be there. Just wigs, cheese and dick all weekend. Wigs, cheese and dick. You know how to sell me. Wigs, cheese and dick weekend. And the idea is you get seduced by it and you kind of make start networking. And then they go like they turned out to be prime minister one day. And it sounds boring as fuck. It does sound it sounds like it sounds like you go there and you'd spend five minutes standing in a room or could listen to other people talk and go and then go eat cake. I just go, where's the cake? Where's the pool? Where's the bar? Right. Yeah, exactly. And the bars were all the other. How was Davos? I don't know. But the pool was great. We went outside. There was a tunnel. And then we went on quad bikes. I don't know, man. Like it's it just feels like another circle jerk for the rich. It is. That's all it is. But people are angry at it.

21:12 JESSE And I get why they're angry. It does look bad. Of course it looks bad. I mean, like anything, you know, I don't know. I think there might be some merit into looking into what these guys are doing. And the far right saying that they're, you know, this group is there to to like steer the world. And like control people via vaccines and like have legal pedophilia, legal pedophilia. Can you imagine Justin Trudeau coming on TV announcing it's now legal?

21:44 RHYS I don't understand how people the whole kind of people thinking that there's some government policy to sexualize children in schools and all this kind of thing. No one, nobody like right minded. Most people are right minded and would go fuck that. Right. And nobody is teaching that or doing that. I don't understand the obsession with that at the moment.

22:06 JESSE But anyway, I think that so I just think that the far right are making. How do I put this? By blowing it out of proportion, it makes the rest of the world ignore it.

22:18 RHYS Well, if I if I if I started saying I'm really worried about the World Economic Forum and people had seen like all these conspiracy posts, they're going to ignore you. Yeah. Yeah. But like, well, I'll see you again soon. Reese. Yeah. But like there might be something there, perhaps exactly significantly less nefarious than what these conspiracy theorists are saying. Yeah. When when when when wank stains online and like sharing these crazy posts about wank stains about legal. It's my new favorite phrase to use. So when wank stains like sharing these stupid memes, it means that any legitimate concern and criticism. Right. I was just going to be swept under the rug. It's part of crazy. You're going to be tired with that wank stain brush. I'm so glad we're not a serious political. So yeah, I mean, I mean, he doesn't use the phrase wank stain. We're breaking new ground. I agree. Say it. Wank Stain. There we go. Anyway, I feel better now.

23:14 JESSE So I don't know. Yeah, I I don't like just in general. I don't like the sound of this group. I don't like they sound like the most annoying people. Well, it sounds like it's just bringing the most corrupt fucking politicians and corporate leaders together under one roof. And that's never a great idea for a cheese wigs and dick weekend. Right. Like I don't know, Nestle and oil companies coming together. That's just gross. I don't know. You know, like these people coming together, shaking each other's hands, telling each other what a great job they're doing.

23:47 RHYS You know, and also they go, look, we care. Look, we did this seminar on on climate change at the World Economic Forum. Go home, carry on. Nothing. Nothing. I don't know. I'd keep an eye on these guys. I would. But at the same time, accusing them of crazy stuff is not helping. No, but also they kind of overreach themselves. So the video emerged of Klaus Schwab, whose name is very fun to say, implying that the World Economic Forum had influence over attendees who secured the roles in cabinets of several countries, including Canada. And basically, Michelle Rembergana was basically shocked saying that he has no influence over Canadian lawmakers who've gone to that event or been given an award by that organization. It's just that they're trying to toot their own horn. They're trying to build up their own prestige to say like just because they went to that event. It's like you just you go to somebody's birthday party. It doesn't mean that like you do everything they tell you to. You don't? Just because you get some cake. That doesn't mean you're kind of then beholden to them. You're not familiar with Canadian birthdays then. I give you a slice of cake now. You know, you know, that body is way better. So basically, I think I think they get carried away with themselves as part of that branding where they think that just because everyone comes there, they've got influence over people, whereas they don't. People, everyone's using each other. Well, yeah, I don't know. It just sounds doesn't sound like they're up to any good. But the reality now for Michelle Rempel is that she now gets confronted in restaurants by crazy people because she went because she went once. And she gave her an award or something. She now has these videos of her and her husband in a restaurant and people like just going up with a phone in their face and going, where are you going? And all that. And then really hate people. And then also much. Also, she she like she struggles to walk down the street sometimes because she was knocking doors in Calgary during one of the elections. Some people spotted them spun their car around and then came out after her saying like they want to and they want her to answer questions about Klaus. And yeah. And before that, you know, threats and accusations just province was this in again? This is in Calgary. Just keep arriving. This but this is all over the place. Is it though? It's not just it's not just an Alberta problem. Okay. Where else is this happening? Other places such as New Spring in Tinsville. Okay. New Spring in Stinville. Yeah. Yeah. Spring in Tinsville. What province is that in? Marble. The province. Most people forget. Right. Of course. Yeah. I've forgotten halfway between Manitoba and Newfoundland. Marbon. Marbon. So there we go. So are you afraid of the World Economic Forum? I'm afraid of the crazy people who would attack me if I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the people who go there. I'm afraid of the people who are angry at the people who go there. I'm somewhere in between. Right. All right. Yeah.

26:53 JESSE I'll join you there. I'd be interested to hear what these fuckers are up to because it really sounds like they're up to no good. Honestly, I want the World Economic Forum. Yeah. Honestly.

27:04 RHYS I just think I don't think it's even that sinister. I think it's just people. Sinisterism. Like. I think it's just a mutual. Is that a word? It's a mutual masturbation session for the 1%. That's all it is.

27:14 JESSE Maybe. Maybe it's that harmless. And it's very possible. But if nefarious people get together in like a secret sort of circle jerk on the regular. Wigs, cheese and dicks. Wigs, cheese and dicks. Like no good can come of that, man. There are some truly, truly evil people on the planet masquerading as humans. You know, I know the CEOs, the owners of Monsanto of Nestle, you know, like there's some really, really, truly, truly evil people, you know, who who care so little about other people. It's and it's they exist. And the fact that they're getting together with other people, other like minded people makes me uneasy.

27:57 RHYS I think. Yeah, I don't think it's a good thing. I think I think like it's a net. They're creating their own echo chamber, you know, physically getting together and creating their own echo chamber. And that's not great. But ultimately, you could. There's probably a ton of we're focused on the World Economic Forum, but there's tons of other events where things like that happen anyway. It doesn't make it better. Politicians, politicians, world leaders and influenced by people are trying to influence them all the time. This is one of many things that happen where people are trying to be influenced. I mean, I'd liken it to a film festival where I guess typically I don't like film festivals because usually no one there is busy making films. It's people. Most of the people, 90 percent of the people that have film festival are there watching films. No, because they like talking about making films and are planning to make a film at some point, but have never made a film. So which is why I don't go to film festivals or a war. Right, man. Anytime I was ever invited to a film or a TV festival, I was busy making films and TV and I couldn't go.

28:58 JESSE Look at you being all fucking hoity toity over here. All right. Teach the rest of us the lesson. Why don't you? That's great.

29:05 RHYS Do you go film festivals, Jesse? Yeah, I love them. It's fun. You seem like the type. Thanks. Every time I was invited to a film festival, I was too busy being at the World Economic Forum. I was with cheese and literally probably just like in like pajamas in the dark editing with some some like cheese flavored puffs. Well, everybody else was in suits having a great time when I was there in the dark going, I must finish another draft of this edit by midnight.

29:37 JESSE And this is why I can't go to the film festival. You've just never been invited. That's all it is. You're just bitter and bitter jaded old man. Anyway, well, that was that was OK. It was an OK episode. That wasn't great. Wasn't that I'm ranking you, man. I'm keeping you. I'm keeping your feet to the fire. I mean, we talk about we talk about episodes two years old. That's how good they were two years ago. But like you can't know everyone's going to be a banger.

30:07 RHYS Well, that's kind of what we're promising, isn't it? I don't know. The ones being the paywall are. But talking about the people, if you want this show to get better, if you enjoyed the pay for it, if you've enjoyed this show and you want to support us more. Then you can join our secret special friends behind the paywall. It's like the World Economic Forum, but it's actually fun.

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