Canadian Politics is Boring

Started form the bottom now we are where I guess Eh!

So shout out to my good friend Matt for introducing me to this show, I started Ep 1 in late September 2022 and now here in mid November 2022, I’ve just caught up to the latest episode. I absolutely love this podcast. Non stops laughs with a side of slightly useful information! Even if you guys claim to not take every fact at face value, it’s still very interesting to learn about this country laughable and slightly depressing history! I’m in the middle when it comes to politics of not caring to caring and enjoy hearing both sides of the aisle. Even if I don’t agree with all of this podcast opinions, it’s still interesting to listening to them speak about our political issues.

From Rhys foreign leftist misspelling of our french language to Jesse political ignorance while doing seductive ASMR, this podcast is truly the best Canadian political podcast.

Thank you!

Nov. 19, 2022 by Brandon Poirier on Apple Podcasts

Canadian Politics is Boring