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Are you happy now?

They whined about how listeners don’t review the show so this is my review!

I’m 12 years old and loving this podcast

I started listening in august of 2022 and I’ve completely caught up by September my mother thinks it’s crazy that I listen to this stuff and sometimes we listen to it together. And yes, I am twelve years old I kinda hope in the youngest listener.

Started form the bottom now we are where I guess Eh!

So shout out to my good friend Matt for introducing me to this show, I started Ep 1 in late September 2022 and now here in mid November 2022, I’ve just caught up to the latest episode. I absolutely love this podcast. Non stops laughs with a side of slightly useful information! Even if you guys claim to not take every fact at face value, it’s still very interesting to learn about this country laughable and slightly depressing history! I’m in the middle when it comes to politics of not caring to caring and enjoy hearing both sides of the aisle. Even if I don’t agree with all of this podcast opinions, it’s still interesting to listening to them speak about our political issues. From Rhys foreign leftist misspelling of our french language to Jesse political ignorance while doing seductive ASMR, this podcast is truly the best Canadian political podcast. Thank you! -Brandon


Canadian Politics is… Entertaining! To make Canadian politics and history interesting can’t be an easy feat, but these guys even manage to make it funny! Hosted by a grown up Stewie Griffin and an equally funny, if confused Canadian, This podcast has me in tears. I’m hooked!

Great to binge

This podcast was awesome to binge and keep me entertained as I drove across eastern Canada for 14 hours. Now I’m addicted. Great fun.

Canadian citizenship test prep?

I became a Canadian citizen recently and wish I had known about this podcast when I was studying for the citizenship test. You guys offer more information and a much better sense of the national culture than the test prep book. You make me proud to be Canadian!

Hilariously-Educationally Incredible

Sticking Jesse and Rhys in my ear holes is exactly how I like it. The humour is so dry and witty that nothing more perfect exists. Between the Kenney FanFic Erotica, Rhys’ dark bedtime stories, the STD zone and Jesse’s rants, I know I would otherwise lead a dull life. The facts are just a bonus at this point.

Binge worthy podcast

Was looking for something new and hit the 200th episode for my first listen; had me laughing out loud. Took in three more back to back. This is going in my regular rotation.

Well these guys are fun

Been looking for a new podcast an this fit the bill, Fun and breezy where the hosts don’t drone on for hours … and hours

Love it!

Thank you for making this podcast. Just listened to the first episode and I’m hooked! Cheers, Diana Tillsonburg, ON

I am in tears

“Crying with what was left of his vocal cords, he then passed out on the floor, dying horrifically.” - Rhys bedtime stories for the win! This podcast makes my entire day. Thank you!

So glad your back missed you!

New mantra You do You

Bittersweet politics

This is a hilarious pod for anyone dipping their toe in Canadian political content and anyone who likes political commentary but needs some relief from the reality of it all (like me). Solid production quality, great comic relief!

What did I just listen to

So this may be one of the most entertaining political podcasts I’ve listened to in a good while. Interesting historical context and discussions of ideas accompanied with a wonderful sense of humour makes for a great way to spend 20 minutes

Finally! A Canadian Politics podcast that isn't boring

The hosts are engaging, funny, and knowledgeable. A show that won't put you to sleep! Keep up the great work.

Canadian Dollop

Funny stuffs!

Hi their

My name Robbie very good podcast but one very big thing some times they talk about stuff you don’t want to hear like tuna fish and also they need to stop talking I would prefer a podcast that’s quite. But besides all that stuff it’s really good I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Absolute fav !

I’ve been listening since the beginning & I actually LOVE that they started having more side conversations about their lives/ other topics. Their liberal opinions are kind of annoying and delusional but love you guys !!!

they know what they’re talking about

it’s a podcast when i press play i hear sound after a certain amount of time it ends a week later, there’s new sound amazing

Keep up the great content!

Blah blah blah capitalist realism blah blah blah end of the world blah blah blah but at least CPB has good takes

Unparalleled political discourse

This podcast enlightens listeners on the scandalous, tumultuous and engrossing Canadian Political sensations. Both historical and contemporary political stories are thoroughly researched by recent Welsh Immigrant, Rhys, and presented in an engrossing format to podcast partner, Jesse, and the listeners. The two hosts prove that Canadian Politics is NOT boring, because listening to them veer off onto unrelated tangents is HIGHLY entertaining and hilarious, making your commute to work much more enjoyable when flipping off the old lady who doesn’t know how to drive the speed limit while sipping your excruciatingly hot Double Double and popping some of Tim’s Bits.

Fun fact!

I love how I can annoy my girlfriend and co workers with random Canadian fact! Week after week, I still have the same enthusiasm about telling them those fun fact. Keep up the good work!

Warm and Fuzzy

I came for the history, but I stayed for the Jason Kenney Erotic Fan Fiction.

Warm delicious maple syrup

When Apple updated their Podcast app, I lost a bunch of my subscriptions and boy did my lineup look less friendly without this gem. I googled “British guy and Canadian guy talk about Canada comedy” (I couldn’t remember the name of the podcast) and well… that pretty much sums it up. This hilarious duo will make you laugh out loud while talking about what’s happening in your backyard (and other shenanigans). You won’t be disappointed.

Jesse rants rock

We need a Jesse rants segment! Whether it’s weekly monthly, or when something just needs to be said.

Paddy says

This program is so funny and enlightening at the same time, highly recommend it The laughter is infectious, I love laughing along Jesse is so “thick” how could a Canadian be just as ignorant as an American

The Sounds of Eating

Great comedic political podcast featuring sounds of the host Jesse eating and drinking, on many occasions. 5 Stars for making me laugh in the morning, 0 Stars for the ASMR.

Great Podcast!

Really fun!

Funny and informative!

I really look forward to the listening to your podcasts. My favourite was your interview with Mikaela Gorman about Jordan Hutton. Can you have more interviews with Mikaela?

Funny and Likeable

Rhys and Jesse are funny, fresh, and immediately likeable. Smart silliness is highly underrated.