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Funny, Interesting, Not Boring

I give up! I can’t think of something funny enough to be worthy of this Podcast (and that cost me a funny review t-shirt win!). I really enjoy it and the only way for me to recommend it to you is to tell you to just put it in your earholes and check it out yourself.

Always new info and a laugh!

Love the podcast! Fun, funny and a good way to explore our history! Just listened to ‘O Canada’ - great! And thanks for sharing info about the Highway of Tears 🧡

Hilarious listen

Just enjoying the funny truths of our Canadian history!

Light Hearted Canadian Content

I love this podcast. Rhys & Jesse have such a unique humour and chemistry. There’s plenty of fun Canadian content and while it is not the most political podcast (despite the name), it’s a good laugh. I’m always excited when I see a new episode in my feed. Please, keep it coming :)

The Dollop of Canada

Update: Thanks for reading the review in the podcast. Just keep doing what you are doing. It works. The title says it all. This podcast has so much potential. By expanding it to 45 minutes and going slightly more in-depth to discovering many influential Canadians who are not white Eastern Europeans background. Keep up the great work.


it’s good.

My favorite podcast!!

I love this sticking this podcast in my ear holes, happy 1st birthday too! Reese I have a feeling you read all your reviews so if you do I want to thank you for dragging Reese along to create my favorite podcast! Really you guys are a great reprieve from online class

Fun for my ear holes

I love the mix of learning and laughing!


Lovely show, hope the second year is just as great as, if not better than, the first one! Happy show-anniversary!

this podcast fuddles my duddle

i enjoy sticking it in my earholes

Unexpected surprise

As a Canadian living in the USA but planning a move back ‘home’ as soon as the border opens back up, I stumbled on to this podcast to familiarize myself with the politics and only 1 episode in but grinning ear to ear and laughing all the way through it! These guys are clever, hilarious and even informative!

Thanks for making politics fun again

Thanks for giving me weird info on Canadian politics!!!!

Informative and entertaining!

This podcast is a great mix of funny and entertaining. It is fun learning about the politics of Canada

Addicting good!

Rhys storyteller and britsh sense of humour is birlliant add it with Jesse questions and insight and there, the boredom goes loose! I love it so much that I binge listen the whole thing! Ps. Now I am not so sure immigrate to Canada is that good idea.. Unless The Rhinos win... And there's Tuna awaiting me.... PS2. and I thought Brazilian politics were bizarre..... Ps3. Is Jesse single...? ;)

Looking for new Politics... Look further

Love, nice intro to Canadian politics for noobs

good times

Jesse is funny as bored canadian

Thanks for the giggles

Looking forward to more!



Take a listen

Episodes are an easy listen and not too long.

Canadian politics is not boring!

Made me laugh at the silliness!

Getting better, but good start.

Some quirks, but it's a new show so worth sticking with,


I like this one!

Hope this one keeps going

SO many shows just end, please post more than 5, don't give up!


Enjoying the show


This is a great show! Love the content!